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New Jersey Recording Fees & Forms
DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this website is provided as a courtesy, and is not to be construed as legal advice or a legal opinion with respect to a particular real estate transaction or any matters related thereto, including the obtaining of title insurance. The materials found in this website discuss real estate and title insurance in a general sense, and thus not all of the information provided is applicable to all transactions; accordingly, some of may be inapplicable to a given transaction. Neither Fidelity National Financial, Inc., nor its subsidiaries and affiliates, including, without limitation, Chicago Title Insurance Company ["FNF"], nor their respective officers and employees, nor attorneys employed by or engaged by FNF are empowered to provide you with legal advice or legal opinions with respect to any real estate transactions or any matters related thereto. You are therefore urged to retain independent legal counsel of your own choice to advise you in connection with the proposed any real estate transactions. Engagement of FNF to provide title insurance and related services in connection with a real estate transaction is not a substitute for the retention of independent legal counsel.


 Fees for recording/filing documents
 Deed: (transfer fee must be paid when deed is recorded) right of way- easements-final adjustments: compute fee: $30.00  first page, plus $10.00   abstract fee
 First page  $40.00 
 Each additional page (one side)  $10.00 
 Marginal notation  $10.00 

 Aerial and utility pole easements-contracts for sale of property- power of attorney-lease-agreements-cemetery deed-options- general releases
 First page  $30.00 
 Each additional page (one side)  $10.00 
 Marginal notation  $10.00 

 Mortgage, mortgage discharge, assignments, postponement,
 subordination, releases & LIS Pendens
 First page  $30.00 
 Each additional page (one side)  $10.00 
 Marginal notation  $10.00 
 Each additional book and page  $10.00 

 Tax sale certificates-recording, redemption of assignments
 (except by municipality)
 First page  $30.00 
 Each additional page (one side)  $10.00 
 Marginal notation-redemption
 of assignments

 Notice of settlement
 Mortgage commitment  $20.00 
 Contract sale  $20.00 

 Federal tax lien and release  $25.00 

 Mortgage cancellation  $20.00 
 Each additional book and page  $20.00 

 Subdivision maps  $55.00 

 Inheritance tax waiver  $15.00 

 Construction lien  $15.00 
 Notice of unpaid balance & discharge  $15.00 
 Marginal notation  $5.00 
 Bond  $25.00 

 Trade name, firms, partnerships  $50.00 
 Dissolution  $25.00 

 Physicians & Hospital Liens
 Recording & discharge  $15.00 

 Veterans discharge & fireman's exemption no fee 

 Certified copy of Veteran's discharge
 & fireman's exemption certificate

 Exemplification-any instrument  $10.00 

 Road vacation & dedications  $30.00 

 Indexing any records instruments in excess of 5 names
 Each name  $6.00 

 Uniform Commercial Code
 UCC 1 Without assignment  $25.00 
 UCC 1 With assignment  $25.00 
 UCC 3 Continuation  $25.00 
 Amendment statement  $25.00 
 Partial releases statement  $25.00 
 Termination  $25.00 
 Assignment  $25.00 
 Request for UCC search (each name)  $25.00 
 Copy of any field statement (each name)  $1.00 

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